Who are ENCA

Environmental Network for Central America is an organisation of groups and individuals working for environmental protection and social justice in Central America.

Time is running out for Central America’s natural resources – under threat from a model of development driven by debt and greed rather than local need.

Debt is encouraging more intensive production of cash crops (including agro-fuels); the use of pesticides threatens rivers and endangers the health of many rural workers.

The fight for land has forced the rural poor to migrate to cities where fresh water supplies are woefully inadequate and sewage systems all too often non-existent.

Weak environment protection laws allow international companies to avoid regulation and import contaminated waste from Canada and the US.

Large scale projects from the inter-ocean canal to the Pan American Highway threaten the environment and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Wildlife habitats and many rare species are threatened.

Logging and mining concessions for short-term profits and to service debt repayments leave local communities and future generations to pay the true environmental costs.

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