ENCA has contributed to a range of environmental projects over the last 20 years through very small grants of cash or donations of materials, summarised below. To make it clearer for our supporters in Britain and the NGOs in Central America with whom we collaborate, this section explains our criteria for agreeing to fund or contribute to projects.

ENCA takes a holistic view in promoting sustainable human development, poverty reduction and political empowerment of grass-roots communities and civil society. However, we only support development activities which include a clear environmental component. This might involve supporting groups in their educational or campaigning work, or helping them to obtain equipment or materials to meet their needs more sustainably. While we make decisions on what kind of project we can support on a case-by-case basis, we use the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability as a guide. These are described below, but in no particular order of importance.

Donations granted: 2015

June 2015
AIDEPC — Cosiguina Peninsula Nicaragua — Reforestation of “bufferzone”     US $1000  ( GBP 650 )
MUFRAS 32 — Integration of antimining efforts between El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras     US $800   ( GBP 520 )
JULY 2015
CENDAH — Monitoring and training of Spiny Lobster catchers and reversal of environmental     degradation — San Blas Islands, Panama     US $ 900   ( GBP 590 )

Donations granted: 2013

OFRANEH (Fraternal Black Honduran Org.) Garifuna Community – Radio repairs: 10096,60 Honduran Lempira/ GB£335.00

Train Fares for Dina Meza Honduran Journalist to attend ENCA meetings (reported in ENCA 58): GB£160.00

Train Fare for Norvis Vasques (of Miraflor, ENCA partner in Nicaragua) to attend ENCA meeting: GB£26.00

MUFRAS Francisco Sanchez United Movement-32, El Salvador – publicity materials for campaigns against mining: US$300/ GB£198.00

Consejo de Mujeres de Occidente (CMO), Nicaragua – cooking stove project II: US$1005/ GB£660.00


Luz Verde (Esteli, Nicaragua) for “Bibliobus” books, DVD’s, Craft materials) – US$400/ GB£255.00

CAM (Movimiento Ambientalista de Campamento), Honduras – Environmental training workshops for children + community leaders: US$774/ GB£510.00

IPES Insituto Permacultura El Salvador – Appeal for funds to support work: US$500/ GB£316.55

MUFRAS Francisco Sanchez United Movement-32, Salvadoran NGO defends Human Rights + Environment: US$500/ GB£323.00


Unicorn Grocery, Manchester donated to ENCA £5564 from their 4% Fund. ENCA used this to support Honduran NGOs CIDICCO for education in agricultural diversity ($4100); and COPINH for Medicinal Herb Garden ($4000).

IPES Permaculture for training days, $1347

Clinica Xochilt Materials for Training Workshops, $320

SITRAP Costa Rica Banana Workers union, for small expenses on UK tour, £100

SELVA for small expenses for Environment Day celebrations, £15


SELVA for Environment Celebrations $400

MAO toward cost of participating in ” 3rd March for Life ” $400

IPES ( Permaculture Institute El Salvador) construction of 20 raised, organic vegetable gardens and seeds to sow $1180

ACIT (Indian Cultural Association of Teribe—Costa Rica) Plants and seeds for 2 hectares to feed wild animals $500