As a solidarity network, we have 2 main roles. Our newsletter spreads news about Central American environmental and social struggles to the English speaking world. In return, we try to support those struggles with donations where we can, and make a real bridge of solidarity between us and Central America. We don’t require everyone who sees our emailed newsletters to pay us, because we think it’s more important to get the news out there. But for our solidarity network to really help in Central America, we do need more paying supporters.

Here are 2 simple reasons why ENCA is unique and an excellent organisation to support:


1: Almost all the money we receive goes directly to grassroots organisations in Central America
ENCA is a very small organisation with absolutely no paid staff – the only regular overheads we have are printing and posting our newsletter. This is very different to large, high profile charities. The newsletter regularly reports on the work of our Central America partner organisations, so as supporters you will see directly the effect your money has.

2: We only ask for £8 per year to become a subscriber
We keep this amount so low because our aim is to connect people at the level of grassroots solidarity. We are not interested in huge development projects imposed on Central America in the name of our donors. Our partners approach us on equal terms with the projects they need to carry out, and our subscription money allows us to help – £8 goes much further in Central America than it will in a UK bank account!

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