ENCA has contributed to a range of environmental projects over the last 20 years through very small grants of cash or donations of materials, summarised below. To make it clearer for our supporters in Britain and the NGOs in Central America with whom we collaborate, this section explains our criteria for agreeing to fund or contribute to projects.

ENCA takes a holistic view in promoting sustainable human development, poverty reduction and political empowerment of grass-roots communities and civil society. However, we only support development activities which include a clear environmental component. This might involve supporting groups in their educational or campaigning work, or helping them to obtain equipment or materials to meet their needs more sustainably. While we make decisions on what kind of project we can support on a case-by-case basis, we use the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability as a guide. These are described below, but in no particular order of importance.


Small donations made to organisations in El Salvador after Jan. 13th earthquake – $70 to UNES; $50 to Nejapa; $70 to CIS

The following via Aug. 2001 ENCA tour to El Salvador:
CIS – $250
COMUS – $445
Finca Aragon – $100 – Composting work
Nejapa – $200 – Treatment system for aguas negras (waste water)
Butterfly Farm – $100
Salvanatura – $100
ARDM, Cinquera – $445 – Bridge repair in protected woodland park.


Frente Contra PINDECO Costa Rica-£101
Donatiion Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS) El Salvador.- £100
Patrica Blanco, UNAPROA Costa Rica-expenses- £100
Donations UNES, CIS etc for pre-tour help- £200


SELVA – $500 – Purchase of water pump and piping in the PET
Nejapa community (El Salvador) – $200 -reforestation, recycling and garbage clean-up
Longo Mai (C.R.) – $550 – Purchase of a strimmer
MCN (Nica.) – $500 – Matagalpa- reforestation
SELVA – $800 – for brochure +Hurricane Mitch relief work.


SELVA (Nica.) – $500 – irrigation system in Parque Ecologico Tezoatega (PET) + other Los Varzones community (Nica.) – $200
FUNCOD (Nica.) – $200 – general support
Fundacion Entre Volcanes (Ometepe) – $200
Asociacion Quincho Barrilete (Nica.) – $200 – for street kids organisation.