Demand Change from Your Country

Please take action now to add your voice to calls for international pressure in support of the Honduran people’s Indignados movement and their calls for an International Commission against Impunity (CICIH). You can do so in a variety of ways, and I am working to establish some petitions to make this process easier.

General support:

Download this general letter to US, Canadian and EU governments demanding they support the Indignados. This can be posted or emailed directly to your government representative (see below for how to do this easily in your country).

Please support this cause by encouraging more people to get on board, using Facebook and Twitter, and linking to this web (see the bottom of the webpage for ENCA’s social media site, and on twitter use hashtag #FueraJOH).


In the UK: Our letter has now been made into an online petition to the UK government and the UN, which you can sign very easily here. If you have time, also find your member of parliament on writetothem.com and copy and paste this letter into it – this is very easy and will magnify the impact! Please feel free to personalise the letter if you want to.

In the US: Find your Congressional Representative here and your Senators here, and send them this letter, or your personalised version of it.

In Canada: Find your Member of Parliament here, and send them this letter, or your personalised version of it.

Organisations & Pressure Groups:

ENCA would like to have a list of organisations sign on to our letter, and we invite any organisations interested to contact us to do so. Please consider if you know any pressure groups that could be invited to sign onto the letter, and let us know.